Summer projects are in full swing!

Summer projects are in full swing!

It may still be cloudy, but summer is here and we are busy with our seasonally-preferred projects. While it doesn’t always work out this way, we try to schedule major structural and exterior work late-spring through early-fall, and focus on interior remodels through the cold, rainy months. (That means now is the time to start planning your new kitchen or bathroom! Contact us so we can start the planning process and get your project on the books.)

July finds us finishing the exterior of the Kirchgraber-Hughes second story conversion, while Madsen Wallcraft is hanging the drywall and we begin the fun part of finalizing plans for interior finishes. The Telford church-to-residence conversion has been pushed back a few weeks, but we are all excited to begin shifting our attention to that project.  The structure is a 1920’s church that has been re-designated residential, and owned by Erin Telford- whom some of you may know as the architect we frequently work with- and her husband John. It will fill out most of our summer and fall and is certain to be a very fun one. Later this month, we’ll be finishing up the Lorrain basement ADU we started last year. We’ve been away from this one all spring, but are very excited to get the finishing touches on the unit and help the owner get a renter in the place!

Decks, fences, trim, painting…the summer gives us lots of opportunities to be outside and enjoy the warm weather. We will try our best to keep the website updated with all of these projects, but it’s tough to be indoors!


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